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107 Gold Trout

Willow standard

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While the Hester Willow spinner bait is flowing through the lake, it speeds along with a fine flash action while producing less vibration than the other Hester spinner styles.

The Willow style spinner is the most popular style of spinner in use today.

Hester uses only brass in the construction of its spinners, including the blade, body, and clevis.

The blades are then either copper plated or silver plated.

The wire is made from Swedish stainless steel.

All treble hooks are supplied by VMC in France.

Made in Europe

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094 Silver Ripples

094m Original Silver Ripples

095 Gold Ripples

095m Original Gold Ripples

096 Copper Ripples

096m Original  Copper Ripples

097 Silver Swimmer

098 Brass Swimmer

099 Copper Swimmer

100 Silver Dots

101 Gold Dots

102 Copper Dots

103 Dirty Silver Swoosh

104 Dirty Copper Swoosh

105 Dirty Gold Swoosh

106 Red Doodles

107 Gold Trout

108 Orange Flames

109 Cold Crystals

110 Silver Swoosh

111 Copper Swoosh

112 Gold Swoosh

113 Green Fire Tiger

114 California Sage

115 Wilderness

116 Shimmering Lake

117 Black Swoosh

150 Silver Crystals

151 Red Crystals

166 Lemon Leaf Perch

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173 Hot Crystals

57 Items
Size: 01, 5/32oz / 5g
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