517  Sahara Perch


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6.5-in (160mm) 92g ⇊2.9~4.4 M
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  • 100 mm (4-in)
  • 160 mm (6 1/2-in)
  • 92 grams (3 1/4-oz)
diving behavior
  • floating - 9~14 ft


These lures have a lifelike finish, with realistic scale detail. Hester’s Humpback crankbait has a loud internal rattle, quality VMC trebles. The popular 100mm size weighs in at 28g (1oz), which allows it to be cast a good distance. These lures float at rest and will dive down to around 8ft (2.5mtrs) for the 100mm, deeper if trolled. Made in Poland under strict quality control, each lure is individually tank tested before leaving the factory. 

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040 Olive Perch

042 Hot Perch

051 Canada Perch

061 Vermont Perch

158 Rainbow Trout

214 Turtle

215 Wild Lake

225 Pistachio

244 Royal Crappie

245 Common Crappie

246 Bluegill

271 Koi

286 Bass

400 Smoke White

401 Rose Grosbeak

402 Yellow Snapper

517 Sahara Perch

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311 Maroon Pearl

48 Items
6.5-in (160mm) 92g ⇊2.9~4.4 M
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