001 Natural Pike

Pike Monster 8" 10" 12"

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28 Items
8-in (210mm) 85g ⇊5~9 ft
  • 210 mm (8-in)
  • 250 mm (10-in)
  • 300 mm (12-in)
  • 85 grams (3-oz)
diving behavior
  • floating - 5~9 ft


001 Natural Pike

004 Green Northern

006 Great Lakes Pike

014 Ontario Flash (250mm version)

014 Ontario Flash (300mm version)

015 Tiger Pike

016 Wounded Tiger

018 Wounded Jack

Great Lakes anglers have been buying Hester Pikes for over two decades. One reason is because it is well-known their target fish are aggressive predators quite willing to feed on their own species. To ensure your pike lure swims well right out of the package, each and every lure is placed on a wooden board and delivered to one single man who attaches each lure to his small rod and then carefully drags the lure through his brand new 7 foot long water tank. If he notices action that is not correct he takes his pliers and makes careful adjustments and then retests until each lure runs true. The lure is then returned to the wooden board still wet from the tank and then heads over for final inspection and packaging - so you may notice a couple water spots on the lure you buy.

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28 Items
8-in (210mm) 85g ⇊5~9 ft

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