270 Herring

Polish Shad

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6-in (140mm) 50g ⇊3~10 ft
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  • 140 mm (5 1/2-in)
  • 50 grams (1 3/4-oz)
diving behavior
  • floating - 3~10 ft
hook type/size
  • VMC treble, fresh - 2/0


These classic style lures are floating crankbaits with a superb lifelike finish, holographic eyes and a fast wiggling action on the retrieve, great multi species lures for today's angler. When fished slowly they will swim just under the surface, speed things up and the small sizes will get down to approx 5 feet and the larger sizes will get down to approx 20 feet  Each lure features through-wire construction and is fitted with quality VMC Bronze trebles. Made in Poland under strict quality control, each lure is individually tank tested before leaving the factory.

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042 Hot Perch

080 Columbian River Perch

115 Carp

125 River Mullet

179 Red Head

202 Gold Roach

 Pike and Walleye

Trout or Small Mouth Bass

211 Holo Silver Shiner

234 Hazelwood

235 American Shad

236 American Herring

242 Ferox Trout

244 Royal Crappie

270 Herring

279 Mud Minnow

Pike, Walleye, Salmon

515 Atlantic Menhaden

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053 Mountain Creek Perch

061 Vermont Forest Perch

129 Fire Tiger

232 River Chub

47 Items
6-in (140mm) 50g ⇊3~10 ft
2 Reviews

Polish Shad
I got for Walleye and it preforms.

Polish shad
Great all around baits for bass, walleye, pike, and muskie. Very nice paint jobs with durable finish...

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