320 Glass Mackerel

Top Pop

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2-in (60mm) 6g ⇊ surface
  • 60 mm (2 1/2-in)
  • 80 mm (3-in)
  • 6 grams (3/16-oz)
diving behavior
  • surface


063 Perch
179 Red Head
200 Dark Roach
200 Glass Mackerel
537 Citrus Shad

The Hester Top Pop has a uniquely shaped nose which causes that typical popping sound when the lure is moved across the water surface. Predator fish find it hard to resist this sound. This lure can be slowly drawn across the surface in a controlled pop-and-stop manner, alternately it can be retrieved in a quick, aggressive way. note: The painted body of the 80mm Top Pop lure (for example) measures 82mm (3.23 inches) If measured from head to end of the red hair in extended manner, the lure measures 112mm (4.41 inches).

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34 Items
2-in (60mm) 6g ⇊ surface

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