529 Spice
529 Spice top


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1-in (30mm) 2g ⇊ surface
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  • 30 mm (1-in)
  • 2 grams (1/16-oz)
diving behavior
  • surface


This tiny, shallow running Hester crankbait imitates an aquatic beetle or terrestrial insect caught in the surface film. The fast wiggling, vibrating action is deadly for perch, trout and chub. They run on or just under the surface of the water and are great fun to fish on ultralight gear. Finished in vibrant colours with reflective eyes and fitted with a single VMC treble hook. Made in Poland under strict quality control, each lure is individually tank tested before leaving the factory.

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524 Tangerine (top)

524 Tangerine

525 Purple Crochet (top)

525 Purple Crochet

527 Fossil (top)

527 Fossil

528 Guacamole (top)

528 Guacamole

529 Spice (top)

529 Spice

530 Strawberry (top)

530 Strawberry

531 Lavender (top)

531 Lavender

532 Shadow Grey (top)

532 Shadow Grey

533 Ladybug (top)

533 Ladybug
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526 (top)


5 Items
1-in (30mm) 2g ⇊ surface
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