About us

I'm an American from the state of Georgia. Twenty years ago I moved to Europe (Poland) because I met a Polish girl while camping in France. We've been here together ever since.

Twenty years ago, when I made the big move, I also brought along my Yamaha motocross motorcycle. I was riding quite often with my Polish buddies and this is how I met the owner of the local fishing lure factory. I was right away very excited about promoting these fantastic hard baits in America, and I did. A couple of years later I decided to start my own business of selling the lures and the brand Hester was created.

The factory is located by the Baltic sea, started production in the 80's, employees about 40 workers. The owners go on fishing adventures anywhere from the Great Lakes and Florida to Norway and Russia and very often locally in Poland.

Julian Hester

My dad and me at a local motocross race in North Georgia in 1975

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